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With the US region of New England receiving an average of 43.8 inches of snow and more than 11 days of snow events depositing snow over 1 inch in a year, the city of Boston has been at odds to find space in the city for the accumulation that cripples other city services and strains its budget. As it stands, "Snow farms" outside the city are repositories of this excess, which must be conveyed by caravans of dump trucks. The inevitability of snow loading in our urban environments is a poignant call for new infrastructures and to pursue pragmatic and imaginative urban solutions.

The Boston Snow Party is a proposal for the creation of a network of snow dumps in the Boston harbor, a synthetic stratification and registration of the city in snow and ice that pragmatically cuts down on city services while constructing new grounds for blending recreation, environmental cleanup, and public spectacle into an integral part of the city fabric.

New floating platforms with snowmelt filtration and cleanup capabilities become outlets for snow removal enhancing Boston and Cambridge along its public spaces on the waterway. The glacial accumulation and compaction of snow and ice creating a layered strata in a process where aural light and structural stability infrastructures combine to support winter recreation activities, public events, and an ongoing exhibition of Boston's' cultural stratum.

with Victor Czulak and Kenny Tang

Boston Snow Party: Text
Boston Snow Party: Selected Work
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